About Product Packaging

Hi, glad you read this far. I believe you must want to know how your sauna is packaged. I hope the following can help you.

First of all, regarding the overall outer packaging, all our saunas are packed in wooden boxes and wrapped with stretch film.
Why choose wooden box packaging?
One: Because almost every sauna we use is equipped with tempered glass, and wooden box packaging can well protect the integrity of fragile items and prevent them from falling apart during transportation.
Second: Our saunas are large in size and are made of wood. The hard wooden box packaging can protect our sauna wood from wear and tear, allowing customers to receive a satisfactory package.
The existence of stretch film is, on the one hand, to protect the wooden box packaging from damage and enhance its stability; on the other hand, it is waterproof to prevent the wood from becoming moldy due to bad weather during transportation.

Secondly, the packaging is sealed and packed by our professional packers. Internal accessories, disassembled parts and wood are neatly arranged and protected by partitions.

Finally, each sauna will have a logo on the outside of its packaging for easy differentiation. The content of the identification includes order number, recipient contact information, delivery address, etc.