Sauna Heaters

If this is your first time using a sauna heater, please be sure to read the following usage tips!

  • Wiring and repairs must be done by a qualified electrician
  • Do not use heater as a grill
  • Do not cover the sauna heater with anything as this may cause a fire.
  • Do not place wood of any kind or anything flammable on top of the electric heater
  • Do not use a heater to dry clothes as it may cause a fire
  • Never sit on the heater as the top temperature can reach up to 350°C
  • Never use a heater without a stone as it may damage the heater
  • Do not use chlorinated water (such as from a swimming pool or jacuzzi) or sea water as this may damage the heater and be dangerous if inhaled
  • Do not put too much water on the heater; “Water on the stones, one to three spoons at a time is enough. Wait a few minutes before pouring more water.” – HYLIVESAUNAS Sauna Guidance for Beginners

Our Sauna Heaters:

The sauna heater is an important part of the traditional steam sauna.Our Hylivesaunas is equipped with three types of stoves: Harvia Electric Heater, Harvia ETL Heater, and wood stove. Among them, you can choose one of three stoves for outdoor steam sauna, while for indoor sauna, considering the particularity of the environment, you can only choose electric stove.


 In addition, our crescent barrel sauna is equipped with a separate electric stove.